Dream big and go to Europe!

It’s been a long time coming this dream…ever since ourDSCF3810 20s when travelling for months on end to discover and explore at leisure, to taste and smell, to feel a little like a local. Now in our mid-50s we want it all again, and so Doug and I are taking that proverbial plunge!

We leave on September 3rd, as others embark on a new school year or back to work after a long hot summer (or maybe a week-long vacation)…we will fly to Berlin to visit for the first time places like the ruins of the Wall, the Neues Museum and taste some local craft ale. DSCF3839

From there we will venture to Amsterdam to see where our son will make his life for a couple of years at the University of Amsterdam, then move on to Belgium, a month in Paris (yes!), the south of Spain during the sometimes drearier month of November, before flying back to the northern realms of markets in Germany and a family visit with the boys where the traditions of Christmas began!

We hope you will follow us on our journey, asking questions, taking notes or maybe just living vicariously, before you plan your next adventure!

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