The planning is underway

A great deal of work has gone into the planning of this four-month long trip to Europe…and most of that has been fun.


I say most because invariably there are anxious moments, when we wondered what we’d do with our house, how we would tackle insurance and phones abroad, and tell the kids! Yet the wrinkles are smoothing out… our house will be rented by a very good friend, yay! The kids are actually happy and planning to visit, as are some of our parental units who want to make the trek while they are still healthy!

The fun parts then have been the days upon days, hour upon hour of surfing Airbnb and VRBO┬áto see what places might entice, intrigue, suffice, and enchant…and there were plenty of options!! So while Sara tackled the accommodations and flight plans, Doug took on prepping the garden and house rental and the finances, and together we chatted with friends and family to discover what made sense for us, in the grand scheme, to take on.

Suggestions have many and varied, of places loved and experiences cherished, and we are trying to factor in all those memories to cobble together the backbone of our trip.

And here is the plan in a nutshell YET it’s only a nutshell…and we welcome more input!

We start in Berlin, then to Amsterdam, then Belgium where we will stay in Ghent and travel to Bruges and Bruxelles. Then we take a train and get settled in Paris for the month of October. While there, we will take the opportunity to make a weekend trip to Vilnius, Lithuania to visit friends. Then we have other friends in England to visit, so we will pop over there before heading to hopefully warmer weather in the south of Spain for November and into December. Then just before Christmas we will head back up to Amsterdam and into Cologne to see the famous markets!

We love hearing about others’ experiences too in these intriguing places, memorable cafes, delightful neighbourhood adventures, breathtaking hikes, delectable restaurants…so if you have any suggestions, please don’t hold back!!



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