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  1. Peggy McMullan says:

    See the photos…but can,t find the blog

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  2. Hi Sara & Doug. I am loving the beautiful photos!!! What camera are you using?

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    1. saramorison says:

      Hi Connie,
      Glad you like the photos…we’re using a Nikon D3200 🙂
      And some photos are with my Motorola phone 😉


  3. Andrea Flintoft says:

    More gorgeous pics, am loving this blog, thanks!!

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  4. Therese Laing says:

    I am imagining how much you love your bike in Holland! I love your pics and travels! Makes me homesick:) Enjoy!

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  5. saramorison says:

    Your homeland is such a contrast to Vancouver’s mountains and seaside…its so beautiful biking in the countryside, passed cows and sheep, over little bridges…all the houses are perfectly kept, manicured lawns, flowers in the windows…it is such a peaceful place and our weather has been amazing and warm!!


  6. Thérèse says:

    I so do love the part of cycling in the country side too and seeing the beautifully manicured gardens and very painfully symmetrical window displays – plant – ornament – plant .
    I do miss it:(

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