About us

In case you are new to our blog and aren’t related to us like most of our followers ;), we thought it best to introduce ourselves 🙂

jims25aWe are Doug and Sara, Montreal-born and raised, living for the past 27 years together in beautiful British Columbia…North Vancouver to be exact! Doug has worked in finances and Sara in art and psychology and we are both long-time travel lovers who are about to celebrate our 25th anniversary!!

Travel has been in our DNA for a long time. Doug spent months cycling and travelling in Europe in his early 20s, ventured to South Africa, worked in Australia and Bermuda, and toured around Asia for a year before settling in Vancouver in his early 30s. Sara went to France, Greece and lived on a kibbutz in Israel in her early 20s for 5 months, then to Asia for another 5-month trek in her mid-20s, and together, many moons later, took our 10- and 12-year-old sons to 11 countries around the world for 5 months in 2007!

Since becoming empty-nesters a few years ago we’ve also been to Newfoundland, France, northern Spain, and Italy on several month-long trips. We love to explore and experience other cultures, taste delicious local fare, stay in Airbnbs, and take lots of photos of food, art, and nature.

And now we are setting off again…this time for four months this fall. Our younger son will be settling into Amsterdam for a 2-year master’s program, so we will pop in to see him. We also start our trip in Berlin for a week and will visit Bruges, Bruxelles, and Ghent in Belgium before settling into a studio apartment in Paris for the month of October. Then as the days shorten and grow cooler we will head to the south of Spain, to visit Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Cadiz, and the surrounding Andalusian countryside for 5 weeks before heading back up to Germany for the Christmas markets!

We hope you enjoy our blog and we welcome comments, suggestions, and LIKES!!