Highlights of Andalusia

Doug and I are now back home and happily ensconced in our Vancouver life after four months abroad, seeing friends and family and enjoying our beautiful mountain and seaside views. We would however, like to complete our 2018 travel blog by showcasing our incredible five weeks in the stunning south of Spain! As the weather-gods…

Jolly Olde England

A quick 5-day side-trip to England to visit friends proved to be enlightening and beautifully serene! Bath, close to the west coast, offered insights into the ancient Romans’ preoccupation with hygiene and the Brits’ love of tea-time! Then we swooped into London for a 28,000-step day to see some of the changes since I was last…

Hidden Gems of Paris

Requiring a bit more work to find than the Grands Jardins of my previous post, the following beautiful spaces are found around a corner, through a courtyard, down a path

Les Grands Jardins de Paris.

Gardens offer a much needed ‘touring’ break in Paris According to Business Insider, after Bangkok and London, Paris is the third most visited city in the world! With incredible museums, endless historical sites, and amazing cafes and restaurants, no wonder close to 18 million tourists will visit Paris this year. Of course, most take photos…

Art and Inspiration in the Netherlands

Our flight from Berlin to Amsterdam was at the crack of dawn and we were transported from the frenetic electric energy of Germany’s capital to the serene green pastures and beautiful light of Holland.  Our Airbnb in Holland is located in Naarden, about 30 minutes east of Amsterdam so we can enjoy both city and rural…

Biking in Holland

From tandem-riding to babies in buckets, from stand-ups to pile-ups…biking is the way of life in Holland 🙂  

A feast for the eyes in Berlin

A glimpse at some of the art available for viewing in Berlin…from the Berlinische Galerie, to the East Side Gallery and ending with a Street Art tour. So much to feast your eyes on!

Impressions of Berlin

Our airplane tickets were purchased four months ago, and finally, on September 4th, we landed in Berlin to start our journey! We are excited, not too jet-lagged and ready for adventure 😉 Mixed first impressions We have to admit, our first impressions of Berlin were jumbled – though this was probably coloured by jet-lag fog…

Holland here we come!

To prepare for our trip to Amsterdam, we have assembled a few books and movies related to it and some of the other Dutch cities we will visit