Holland here we come!

To prepare for our trip to Amsterdam, we have assembled a few books and movies related to it and some of the other Dutch cities we will visit

First-time visit to Berlin

As the count-down continues to our departure to Europe on September 3rd, preparations and research continue with books and movies related to our destinations. Last week’s post was on Paris, where we will be for the month of October…but first we head to Berlin, where neither Doug nor I have been, so we are trying…

8 Ways to Prep for Paris

To get in the mood, prepare ourselves for our trip to Europe, we are trying to read books and see movies set in the different cities we’ll be visiting. Here’s Paris…

The planning is underway

We start in Berlin, then to Amsterdam, then Belgium where we will stay in Ghent and travel to Bruges and Bruxelles. Then we take a train and get settled in Paris for the month of October.